Posted at 02/16/2022


March 17th 2023 – England, Manchester – Academy
March 18th 2023 – England, Wolverhampton – Steel Mill
March 19th 2023 – England, Nottingham – Rock City
March 21st 2023 – Scotland, Glasgow – O2 Academy
March 22nd 2023 – England, Newcastle – O2 City Hall
March 23rd 2023 – England, Bristol – O2 Academy
March 24th 2023 – England, London – Roundhouse
March 25th 2023 – Ireland, Dublin – National Stadium
March 26th 2023 – N. Ireland, Belfast – Ulster Hall
March 28th 2023 – Russia, Moscow – 1930 Moscow
March 29th 2023 – Russia, Moscow – 1930 Moscow
March 30th 2023 – Russia, St. Petersburg – Giant Hall
April 8th 2023 – Netherlands, Eindhoven – Effenaar
April 9th 2023 – Denmark, Cophenhagen – Amager Bio
April 11th 2023 – Sweden, Malmo – Moriskan
April 13th 2023 – Finland, Tampere – Pakkahuone
April 14th 2023 – Finland, Helsinki – Kulttuuritalo
April 15th 2023 – Finland, Oulu – Teatria
April 16th 2023 – Sweden, Umea – Idum
April 18th 2023 – Sweden, Sundsvall – Sporthallen
April 19th 2023 – Sweden, Gavle – Gasklockan
April 20th 2023 – Sweden, Eskilstuna – Lokomotivet
April 21st 2023 – Sweden, Karlstadt – Nojesfabriken
April 22nd 2023 – Sweden, Stockholm – Stora Fallan
April 23rd 2023 – Sweden, Huskvarna – People’s Park
April 25th 2023 – Norway, Oslo – Rockefeller
April 26th 2023 – Norway, Oslo – Rockefeller
April 27th 2023 – Sweden, Norrkoping – Flygeln
April 28th 2023 – Sweden, Kalmar – Kalmarsalen
April 29th 2023 – Sweden, Gothenburg – Tradgarn
May 1st 2023 – Germany, Bremen – Aladin Music Hall
May 2nd 2023 – Germany, Mannheim – Capitol
May 3rd 2023 – Germany, Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
May 4th 2023 – Germany, Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn
May 5th 2023 – Germany, Saarbrucken – Garage
May 6th 2023 – Germany, Geiselwind – Music Halle
May 7th 2023 – Germany, Munich – Backstage Werk
May 10th 2023 – Switzerland, Zurich – Komplex 457
May 11th 2023 – Switzerland, Laussane – Les Docks
May 12th 2023 – Italy, Milan – Live Club
May 13th 2023 – Italy, Padova – Padova Hall
May 17th 2023 – Romania, Bucharest – Arenele Romane
May 18th 2023 – Bulgaria, Sofia – Arena Sofia

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TVMaldita Presents: Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you my new Mapex Saturn Evolution – The Gigantic PsychOctopus Drum Kit.

Posted at 02/14/2022

Photos by @alexsolcaphotography

@mapexdrums @mapex_drums @mapexglobal @paistecymbals @zoomsoundlab @paistecymbalsbrasil @akgmicrofonesakg @lppercussion @evansdrumheads @gibraltarhardware @promarksticks @promarkbrasil @dwdrums @jblaudio @jbl_brasil @soundcraftmixers @urbannboards @powerclickoficial @roland_us @xtremeears @beg.musica @ljconsuladodorock @drumkeyshop

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#psychotopusmembers #octopusarmy

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TVMaldita Presents: W.A.S.P. Announce 40 Years Live World Tour 2022 with Aquiles Priester

Posted at 10/26/2021


June 6th 2022 marks the 40th Anniversary of one of the most infamous, notorious, controversial Heavy Metal Bands in the World…W.A.S.P. So join W.A.S.P. for this very special 40th Anniversary World Tour that kicks off in Milan, Italy on March 18, 2022. This first leg of dates will see the band hit Italy, Spain, Ireland, North Ireland, United Kingdom, Scotland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Romania and Bulgaria. More dates and a U.S. tour will be announced. W.A.S.P. tour dates can be found at

Witness Live the Winged Assassins specticle of “SHOCK and ROLL” as they take you Back…Back to the Beginning!

Blackie Lawless talking about the 40th Anniversary World Tour, “For the W.A.S.P. 40th Anniversary World Tour we’re going back to the beginning. We’re taking the show back to where it all started. Complete with all the fire and all the blood that shocked the world the first time. We only did this type of show on the first world tour and never did it again…until now! I’m gonna scream and I’m gonna bleed, cause I Wanna be Somebody! We’re taking everybody back…back to the beginning!”


03-18-2022, Milan, Live Club
03-19-2022, Padova, Padova Hall
03-23-2022, Bilbao, Santana 27
03-24-2022, Murcia, Sala Gamma 3
03-25-2022, Barcelona, Razzmatazz 1
03-26-2022, Madrid, La Riviera
03-30-2022, Dublin, Vicar St.
03-31-2022, Belfast, Ulster Hall

04-1-2022, Wolverhampton, KK’s Steel Mill
04-2-2022, Manchester, Academy
04-3-2022, Nottingham, Rock City
04-5-2022, Glasgow, O2 Academy
04-6-2022, Newcastlee, O2 City Hall
04-7-2022, Bristol, O2 Academy
04-8-2022, London, Rou-House
04-9-2022, Eindhoven, Effenaar
04-10-2022, Copenhagen, Amager Bio
04-12-2022, Malmö, Moriskan
04-13-2022, Huskvarna, Folkets Park
04-14-2022, Sundsvall, Sporthallen
04-15-2022, Umeå, Idun
04-16-2022, Oulu, Teatria
04-17-2022, Tampere, Pakkahuone
04-18-2022, Helsinki, Kulttuuritalo
04-20-2022, Gävle, Gasklockan
04-21-2022, Eskilstuna, Lokomotivet
04-22-2022, Örebro, Conventum
04-23-2022, Karlstad, Nöjesfabriken
04-25-2022, Oslo, Rockefeller
04-28-2022, Stockholm, Stora Fållan
04-29-2022, Norrköping, Arbis
04-30-2022, Gothenburg, Trädgårn

05-1-2022, Bremen, Aladin
05-2-2022, Mannheim, Capitol
05-4-2022, Saarbrücken, Garage
05-5-2022, Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle
05-7-2022, Geiselwind, Music Halle
05-8-2022, Munich, Backstage Werk
05-17-2022, Bucharest, Arenele Romane
05-18-2022, Sofia, Universidad Sports Hall


29 Oct – Anaheim, CA – The Grove
30 Oct- Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theater
31 Oct – Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater

02 Nov – Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall w/ MICHEAL SCHENKER, ARMORED SAINT
03 Nov – Corpus Christi, TX – Concrete Street Pavillion w/ MICHEAL SCHENKER, ARMORED SAINT
04 Nov – San Antonio, TX – Eaton Arena w/ MICHEAL SCHENKER, ARMORED SAINT
05 Nov – Dallas, TX – Bomb Factory w/ MICHEAL SCHENKER, ARMORED SAINT
06 Nov – Tulsa, OK – Tulsa Theater w/ MICHEAL SCHENKER, ARMORED SAINT
09 Nov – Milwaukee, WI – Pabst Theater
10 Nov – Ashwaubenon, WI – EPIC Event Center
11 Nov – Detroit, MI – Harpo’s
12 Nov – Cleveland, OH – Agora Theater
13 Nov – Pittsburgh, PA – Palace Theater
16 Nov – Boston, MA – Big Night Live
17 Nov – Montclair, NJ – Wellmont Theater
18 Nov – Huntington, NY – Paramount Theater
19 Nov – Jim Thorpe, PA – Penn’s Peak
20 Nov – Glenside, PA – Keswick Theater
23 Nov – Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium
25 Nov – Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Theater
26 Nov – Orlando, FL – Plaza Live
29 Nov – Leesburg, VA – Tally Ho Theater
30 Nov – Columbus, OH – The King Of Clubs

02 Dec – St Charles, IL – Arcada Theater
03 Dec – St Charles, IL – Arcada Theater
05 Dec – Denver, CO – Oriental Theater
07 Dec – Reno, NV – Grand Sierra Theater
09 Dec – San Francisco, CA – The Regency

About W.A.S.P.

Few Bands in the history of Rock N’ Roll have ever incited the love, the hate, the raw emotional effect this Band has had on the world. From the very beginning, in the small venues of Los Angeles California, and later to the numerous countries worldwide that banned these Winged Assassins from performing live, the Band’s unique style of Shock and Rock caused Religious organizations, Local City Councils, Parlaments, and the Washington D.C. Senate to hold hearings in an effort to bar this group from selling records and trashing stages everywhere they played.

The band’s founding member, frontman Blackie Lawless, has led the group as its lead vocalist and primary songwriter since its beginning. His unique brand of visual, social and political comment took the group to worldwide heights and sold millions of records alongside a legacy of sold out shows across the globe for 4 decades.

Joined by bassist Mike Duda and guitarist Doug Blair, whose tenures in the band span 26 and 18 years respectively, along with drummer extraordinaire Aquiles Priester, will take the Band and the Fans back to where it all started. Complete with the stage show extravaganza that many fans never saw live.

Witness Live the Winged Assassins specticle of “SHOCK and ROLL” as they take you Back…Back to the Beginning!

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TVMaldita Presents: Aquiles Priester join the project “Why Hunger’s Drum Together”

Posted at 10/13/2021

©2021 Gui UrbanPhoto credit: Gui Urban

Aquiles Priester was invited to participate in the Why Hunger’s Drum Together project by world drum ambassador Dom Famularo, who has the biggest names in the world drums in activity such as Ringo Starr, Nicko McBrain, Dave Weckl, Jack Dejohnette, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Steve Gadd, Mike Portnoy, Virgil Donati, John Robinson, Greg Bissonette, Tommy Igoe, Stewart Copeland, Billy Cobhan, Alan White, Mike Mangini, Max Weinberg, Todd Sucherman, among many others.

Watch Why Hunger’s Drum Together:

“When Dom Famularo told me about the project, I accepted right away. For those who work with music and video, you can imagine the work this generated. The result was incredible and I feel honored to participate, as the cause is very noble. The drums class surprised once again”, said Aquiles Priester.

Follow Aquiles Priester on social media:
Official site:

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Aquiles Priester gathered 30 drummers at his first festival, check out the photos

Posted at 09/03/2021

More than 50 musicians and 10 people from the technical team gathered last Sunday (29/08), in São Paulo, at Tom Brasil, to celebrate the Brazilian drums.

The 1st Aquiles Priester Drum Festival was a dream for the Brazilian drums: responsible for all this was the incomparable Aquiles Priester. Aquiles Polvo Priester brought together drummers from Rock, Metal, Forró, Pop, Sertanejo, among many other styles, in an unprecedented mix! Renowned musicians played on Aquiles’ drums and on the stage of Tom Brasil, in São Paulo, one of the most renowned venues in Latin America.

Have you ever imagined watching Eloy Casagrande performing Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B”? Sergio Melo playing Rush’s “Animate”? And Dino Verdade playing “Fuel” by Metallica? Ivan Busic from Dr.Sin featuring “Tom Sawyer”, also from Rush? Surreal, isn’t it?! All of this was presented by Aquiles Priester in this unique and special event for the drums.

All drummers of different styles said they were admired for a Heavy Metal drummer for creating one of the most important events in the history of Brazilian drums. The most said phrase of the night by them was: “this was a challenge!”. Everyone who played on Achilles’ drums left there ecstatic by the experience and saying that it was something unique to play in someone else’s drum configuration, especially Achilles’ drums, because his drums look like Disneyland.

Among the drummers invited to the festival are Albino Infantozzi, Andre Jung, Cássio Cunha, Carlos Bala, Christiano Galvão, Cláudio Infante, Cuca Teixeira, Dino Verdade, Douglas Las Casas, Duda Neves, Eloy Casagrande, Giba Favery, Gilson Naspolini, Ivan Busic, Juba Blitz, Luana Dametto, Lufeh Batera, Mauricio Leite, Max Kolesne, Paulo Zinner, Ricardo Confessori, Riquelme, Sérgio Melo and Vera Figueiredo.

The musicians who were in the support bands are also renowned as Edu Falaschi, Thiago Bianchi, Vanessa Lockhart, Angel Sberse, João Luiz, Fabricio Fonseca, Theo Vieira, Roberto Barros, Diogo Mafra, Cristiano Wortmann, Jessica di Falchi, Michel Leme, PJ (Jota Quest), among many others.

TVMaldita, Aquiles Priester’s YouTube channel, covered the event and will soon release a beautiful making of the festival.

Photos AQUILES PRIESTER DRUM FESTIVAL by Renan Facciolo (IG: @renanfacciolo)

Check out the photo gallery here

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