Aquiles Priester join the project “Why Hunger’s Drum Together”

Posted at 10/13/2021

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Aquiles Priester was invited to participate in the Why Hunger’s Drum Together project by world drum ambassador Dom Famularo, who has the biggest names in the world drums in activity such as Ringo Starr, Nicko McBrain, Dave Weckl, Jack Dejohnette, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Steve Gadd, Mike Portnoy, Virgil Donati, John Robinson, Greg Bissonette, Tommy Igoe, Stewart Copeland, Billy Cobhan, Alan White, Mike Mangini, Max Weinberg, Todd Sucherman, among many others.

Watch Why Hunger’s Drum Together:

“When Dom Famularo told me about the project, I accepted right away. For those who work with music and video, you can imagine the work this generated. The result was incredible and I feel honored to participate, as the cause is very noble. The drums class surprised once again”, said Aquiles Priester.

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Aquiles Priester gathered 30 drummers at his first festival, check out the photos

Posted at 09/03/2021

More than 50 musicians and 10 people from the technical team gathered last Sunday (29/08), in São Paulo, at Tom Brasil, to celebrate the Brazilian drums.

The 1st Aquiles Priester Drum Festival was a dream for the Brazilian drums: responsible for all this was the incomparable Aquiles Priester. Aquiles Polvo Priester brought together drummers from Rock, Metal, Forró, Pop, Sertanejo, among many other styles, in an unprecedented mix! Renowned musicians played on Aquiles’ drums and on the stage of Tom Brasil, in São Paulo, one of the most renowned venues in Latin America.

Have you ever imagined watching Eloy Casagrande performing Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B”? Sergio Melo playing Rush’s “Animate”? And Dino Verdade playing “Fuel” by Metallica? Ivan Busic from Dr.Sin featuring “Tom Sawyer”, also from Rush? Surreal, isn’t it?! All of this was presented by Aquiles Priester in this unique and special event for the drums.

All drummers of different styles said they were admired for a Heavy Metal drummer for creating one of the most important events in the history of Brazilian drums. The most said phrase of the night by them was: “this was a challenge!”. Everyone who played on Achilles’ drums left there ecstatic by the experience and saying that it was something unique to play in someone else’s drum configuration, especially Achilles’ drums, because his drums look like Disneyland.

Among the drummers invited to the festival are Albino Infantozzi, Andre Jung, Cássio Cunha, Carlos Bala, Christiano Galvão, Cláudio Infante, Cuca Teixeira, Dino Verdade, Douglas Las Casas, Duda Neves, Eloy Casagrande, Giba Favery, Gilson Naspolini, Ivan Busic, Juba Blitz, Luana Dametto, Lufeh Batera, Mauricio Leite, Max Kolesne, Paulo Zinner, Ricardo Confessori, Riquelme, Sérgio Melo and Vera Figueiredo.

The musicians who were in the support bands are also renowned as Edu Falaschi, Thiago Bianchi, Vanessa Lockhart, Angel Sberse, João Luiz, Fabricio Fonseca, Theo Vieira, Roberto Barros, Diogo Mafra, Cristiano Wortmann, Jessica di Falchi, Michel Leme, PJ (Jota Quest), among many others.

TVMaldita, Aquiles Priester’s YouTube channel, covered the event and will soon release a beautiful making of the festival.

Photos AQUILES PRIESTER DRUM FESTIVAL by Renan Facciolo (IG: @renanfacciolo)

Check out the photo gallery here

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TVMaldita Presents: I am very grateful to God for all the mistakes, successes, health, love, persistence and results. All of this makes my first 50 years and my story much more real and special.

Posted at 06/25/2021

Aquiles 50 Anniversary Thank you very much to you who have always been there supporting me in these 20 years of my professional career. It has been a great journey. ❤️

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TVMaldita Presents: Aquiles Priester at DrumheadLive

Posted at 11/20/2020

Dhl Flyer2 1200x1500 THIS WEEKEND! Join @drumheadmag for high-quality livestream performances from 20 jazz and rock drumming legends, percussionists and incredible rising stars! Tickets for Saturday (11.21), or Sunday (11.22), or the whole weekend at Details and daily lineups below.

Steve Gadd (solo & w/ the Steve Gadd Band)
Virgil Donati
Peter Erskine w/ the Lounge Art Ensemble
Gary Husband
Brian Frasier-Moore
Toss Panos & Satnam Ramgotra
Clayton Cameron & Jason Sutter
Pedro Segundo
Kanade Sato

Simon Phillips (solo & w/ Protocol)
Todd Sucherman
Aquiles Priester
Victor Indrizzio w/ BIL
Dave Elitch
Senri Kawaguchi
Steve Michaud
Butch Norton & Michael Jerome
• Streaming from @championsitesound in LA
• 7-camera hi-def broadcast production
• Live audio mixed by award-winning engineer
• Entire festival available on demand (VOD)
• Tickets at

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TVMaldita Presents: Special Live with Mr. NICKO MCBRAIN talking about Iron Maiden!

Posted at 07/12/2020

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