TVMaldita Presents: Happy New Year Guys!

Posted at 01/02/2024

Before expecting anything from this new year, be grateful for everything we experienced and achieved in 2023. If we didn’t have the result we expected, now we have a new year ahead of us, which can be exactly how we want it to be.
May 2024 bring us many achievements, good health and much success.
May it be a new year to be conquered and well lived.
May it be a year where the challenges are great, as is our power to achieve and understand the right moment, to make the right and fundamental decisions for a better future for everyone.

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TVMaldita Presents: Merry Christmas!

Posted at 01/02/2024

Much love, peace, happiness and harmony in your life with your family!

My drums were assembled almost 110 times this year.
2023… A year that divided my opinion at certain times, but now that it has passed and I have done general accounting, I realize that it was a very productive year. At certain times it seemed like there were too many people wanting to do shows during the same period and this meant that the public had to choose where to go.

Summary of the Year:
* W.A.S.P – 49 Concerts
* Aquiles Priester – 38 Drum Shows
* Edu Falaschi – 19 Concerts
* Aquiles Priester – 14 Recording Session Days (I’m not counting the recording in my practice room in Los Angeles/CA)
* Aquiles Priester – 04 Private Class Days
* Aquiles Priester – 02 Signing Session Days

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Posted at 01/17/2023

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TVMaldita Presents: Merry Christmas!

Posted at 12/24/2022



TVMaldita Presents: I wish each one of you and your families a very special Christmas day, where happiness, peace, harmony, health and solidarity are always present.

We from the Edu Falaschi’s band also wish the same and thank you for all the support on the Vera Cruz journey!

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Aquiles Priester releases album “PsychOctopus: Pandemic Times” with exclusive covers on ‘TVMaldita’ during the pandemic

Posted at 12/16/2022

Pandemic Times

Drummer performs work with a range of varieties of musical styles and covers of Evanescence, Inocentes, Tina Turner, The Cure, Tokyo, Dead Or Alive and others

Drummer Aquiles Priester answered the requests of his followers and fans and released the album “PsychOctopus: Pandemic Times”, by TVMaldita, with all versions recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic. From Tina Turner to Dragonforce, from Inocentes to Iron Maiden, from Maroon 5 to The Cult, would you imagine Aquiles Priester playing Pop, Punk or brasilian rock bands someday? Because that’s exactly what the musician delivers with your friends and partners in national and international music.

Listen to “PsychOctopus: Pandemic Times”:

With bands formed for each song, drummer Aquiles Priester (W.A.S.P., Edu Falaschi, Hangar) surprises with versions of songs by Brazilian bands from the eighties, as well as Rock and Heavy Metal classics. Among the participations are names like Supla, Clemente Tadeu, Liminha, PJ, among many other internationally renowned artists. In addition to participating in the collabs, Cristiano Wortmann, Júnior Carelli, Raphael Dafras and Vanessa Lockhart went on tour with Aquiles in 2022 to perform these songs live and it seems that more shows should be scheduled for 2023.

Aquiles Priester talks about “PsychOctopus: Pandemic Times”:

“It was supposed to be just a collab at the beginning of the pandemic, but we reached the mark of almost 40 songs in total. I decided to release it in album format because the fans asked for it a lot. The time has come to put this project on platforms.”

Tracklist for “PsychOctopus: Pandemic Times”:

1 – Venus (Shocking Blue)
2 – Going Under (Evanescence)
3 – Dreams (Van Halen)
4 – How (Maroon 5)
5 – Lithium (Evanescence)
6 – Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
7 – Ask the Lonely (Journey)
8 – Based on a True Story / Time to Forget (Hangar)
9 – Jet City Woman (Queensrÿche)
10 – Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
11 – Never Give Up (Sia)
12 – Gotta Go Home (Boney M)
13 – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Dead Or Alive)
14 – The Best (Tina Turner)
15 – Rain (The Cult)
16 – 29 Palms (Robert Plant)
17 – The Reason of Your Conviction (Hangar)
18 – The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Iron Maiden)
19 – Vision (Southern Cross) (Stratovarius)
20 – Inside Your Soul (Hangar)
21 – Damage Inc. (Metallica)
22 – Angel of the Stereo (Hangar)
23 – Throught the Fire and Flames (Dragonforce)
24 – When the Darkness Takes You (Hangar)
25 – Valley of the Damned (Dragonforce)
26 – Just Like Heaven (Hangar)
27 – Revelations (Iron Maiden)
28 – Your Skin and Bones (Hangar)
29 – “Summer” from Four Seasons (Vivaldi)
30 – Denied (Hangar)
31 – Queen in Love (Yngwie Malmsteen)
32 – 24 Horas No Ar (Omar e Os Cianos)
33 – Só Você – Version II (Vinícius Cantuária)
34 – O Quinto Coringa (Tokyo)
35 – Ele Disse Não (Inocentes)
36 – Só Você – Version I (Vinícius Cantuária)

Follow Aquiles Priester on social media:
Official Website:

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