Setup 2005

DRUM Mapex Deep Forest Walnut “PsychOctopusKit” 2005

A. Bass Drum 22”X18”
B. Pad Staff Drum VMS-9
C. Block
D. Snare Deep Forest 10”X4”
E. Tom8”X6”
F. Tom 8”X8”
G. Tom 10”X09”
H. Snare 14”X8” (Deep Forest Cherry)
I. Tom 12”X10”
J. Tom 13”X11”
K. Floor Tom 14”X14”
L. Floor Tom 16”X16”
M. Floor Tom 18”X16”

Paiste Cymbals

1. Signature Heavy Hi-Hat 14”
2. Dimensions Mega Power Bell Ride 24” (Black)
3. Signature Signature 10”
4. Innovations Crash 18”
5. 2002 Power Crash 18”
6. Signature Heavy China 18”
7. Dimensions Power Crash 17”
8. Signature Splash 8”
9. Siganture Splash 8” and Rude Splash 10” (staked)
10. Dimensions Power Crash 18”
11. Signature Heavy China 20”
12. Signature Sound Edge HH 15”
13. Signature Power Crash 18”
14. Rude Chine 14” (Exclusively Prototype)
15. Dimensions Mega Power Bell Ride 24” (Black)
16. Signature Power Crash 19”
17. Signature Power Crash 20”

Hardware: Mapex Boom Stands B550 e B580, Hit-hat Machinel H950, Snare Stand S950, Bass Drum Janus Ergo Single Pedal JNSP7000 e throne T550.

Drum Heads RMV Classic Perfomer (Toms and Floor-toms), Classic Avant (Bass Drum), Avant White Coated (Snare).

Microphones: AKG D112 (Bass Drum), D440 (Toms/Timbalito), D3800 e D440 (Snares), D550 (Floor- toms), C391B (Rides), C1000S (Hi-Hats), C3000B (Over Heads) and In Ear Shure E5.

Sticks: C.Ibañez Metal – Signature Aquiles Priester model.

Triggers: Power Shot by Staff Drum.

Cables: Santo Angelo to microphones, triggers and other connections.

Ciclotron: 1 Audio Mixing Console Ciclotron CMC 32 XLIS, 3 Graphic Equalizers Techvox TGE 2313 XS. Drum Monitor: 1 Ciclotron Triamplified Full-Range Active System Titanium 700A and 1 Ciclotron Professional Active Sub-Woofer System Sub 600A.